Google Now Launcher now available for all Android 4.1+ devices

Google Now LauncherGoogle Now Launcher, which originally debuted as Google Experience Launcher with Nexus 5 last year, is now available to all Android 4.1+ device users. The launcher can now be downloaded for free from Google Play and needs the latest version of Google Search app to work.

To remind you, Google Now Launcher was exclusive to Nexus and Google Play edition devices until Friday.

Google Now Launcher is the search giant’s take at an Android Launcher. It incorporates Google Now at left-most home-screen and ‘Ok Google’ hotword support throughout the system. It provides the non-Nexus/GPe devices users with an opportunity to experience stock-Android although just a little as other parts of the Android experience on the smartphones will still include manufacturer customisations.

Here is a look at the key features of Google Now Launcher:

  • Google Now on your home screen
  • Just say “Ok Google” to trigger voice input
  • Faster search
  • Easy access to your favorite Google products and services
  • Larger viewing area with translucent status and navigation bars
  • Intuitive wallpaper picker


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