About AndroidOS.in

AndroidOS.in logoAndroidOS.in was once a top Android news blog in India. It hasn’t been updated regularly over the last few years. It was also briefly rebranded to The Geek Life to focus on broader consumer tech and pop culture. Every iteration of this blog has been run by Gaurav Shukla.

What will you find at AndroidOS.in?

  • Past developments from the Android ecosystem, web and pop culture domains from around the world.
  • The blog is essentially an archive of the published material right now.

The first iteration of this blog went online (on Google’s Blogger platform) the day Android was launched with the aim of providing the latest insights from the Android community and device manufacturers. The second iteration debuted in 2009 at http://www.androidos.in, which was re-branded and launched as the current iteration on February 25, 2018.

Editor and publisher: Gaurav Shukla (@gauravshukla)

Feedback, good or bad, is always welcome. Just drop in a mail about what you think at gaurav @ androidos.in (remove spaces).

For advertising and other inquiries, please contact Gaurav.


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