15,000 Mi 3 units for sale on Aug 5, reveals Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi 3Xiaomi is finally trying to be transparent in the Indian market. The company today announced via its social media channels that it will be putting 15,000 units of Mi 3 smartphone for sale on August 5, which the next flash sale day for the company.

The company also revealed that over 100,000 consumers have already registered for the sale, so the phone is quite likely going to see a quick sell-out.

While Xiaomi has traditionally revealed the number of units put on sale, it has not been doing the same for the last two sales in the country. It is nice to see that they are at least making some effort of being transparent.

With the flash sale model, it is unlikely that we will see Mi 3 selling normally anytime soon.

In related news, it is possible that we will soon the Mi 3 accessories on sale in the country but no dates have been confirmed until now. The company is also preparing Redmi 1s for availability in the country, which is expected to be released in the next fortnight.


  1. The sad part is, every friend or colleague who asks for my advice on a new device or buys one anyways without research, gets themselves a Galaxy S4/S5, Grand Quattro, Core/2, S Duos/2 depending on their budgets. It breaks my heart to see that.

    Now my cousin asked me which “Samsung phone” to buy for 15K and has her heart set on the Quattro. No amount of nudging her towards the Moto G or ZenFone 5 worked. Ended up suggesting either S3 (Neo) or Grand 2, both costing around 18/19K.

    Didn’t even try suggesting Xiaomi as brands like that and OnePlus are just a “cheap uncool Chinese brands” for the technophobe “cool kids”. So everybody who posts “Samsung’s gonna wipe out if they don’t change their strategy” is so wrong sadly. They’re alive and kicking. And how!

    The screwed up part is, people actually trust Micromax and Lava more than Xiaomi etc. So unless we have a advertizing blitz from Moto, Asus or Xiaomi, that’s unlikely to change soon *sadface*


    • Remove Moto there!
      They r d creators of mobile!
      N wat u said s ri8?
      If I ask my friend to buy xiaomi mi3 he says is there a company like that n he yelled CHINESE BRAND wen he heard me pronouncing xiaomi!


    • Very true. Mobile phones for today’s wannabe cool kids is more to show off to their peers.

      Unfortunately Micromax, Karbonn, etc. despite having very high radiation levels are favoured over the so-called Chinese phones. I think the likes of Xiaomi & Lenovo need to work a lot on their image.

      Sometimes I feel, they will do better if they price it higher!


  2. WOW… 15000 quantity… Last time 10000 sold out in 2 seconds… So the next sale will get closed in three seconds flat….

    If they didn’t come out with minimum quantity of 50000, then its of little use to potential customers… Most people buying the phone are selling out at huge margin to others… In eBay somebody is selling it for 22k too…


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