New Google launcher is exclusive to Nexus 5 for the time-being: Report

Nexus 5 launcherIn a surprising revelation, Google has told The Verge that the new Google launcher introduced with Nexus 5 will be exclusive to the smartphone for the time-being. While we would like to wait for the upcoming Nexus 4 Android 4.4 OTA update to get a confirmation, if the Verge report accurately represents Google’s views, Nexus 5 is no longer a pure Android smartphone but is more of a Google phone.

Traditionally, Nexus smartphones have been known for their stock Android experience but if Google starts putting its own launcher or exclusive customisations on them, Nexus phones are no different than other Android smartphones, which already come with manufacturer customisations.

“Previous Nexus devices acted as standard-bearers for a clean, stock version of Android and showcased Google services. The Nexus 5 still does that, but the order of importance seems to have been flipped. Google tells us that the new Launcher on the Nexus 5 is exclusive to the phone,” Dieter Bohn of The Verge noted in a report.

The Verge adds that Google could offer this new launcher to Nexus 4 users or bring it to Google Play in the future but for the time-being, it will remain a Nexus 5 only feature.


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