FAU-G game goes live on Google Play: How to register

FAU-G pre-registrations are now live via Google Play store, suggesting that the upcoming game from nCore Games is nearing its release. It was supposed to launch in November but that didn’t happen, and the game developers are yet to offer a concrete release date. It was originally announced back in September this year. 

FAU-G, also known as Fearless and United Guards, will seek to fill the void left by PUBG Mobile ban in the country even though it is not expected to be a battle royale game. The exact genre of the game is still unclear as there is very little information about the game. Some say, it is going to be first person brawler, whereas the others suggest it being a first person shooter.  I guess we will have to wait for the actual launch of the game to get a confirmation.

How to pre-register for FAU-G on Google Play

Step 1: Head over to Google Play on your computer or Android device.

Step 2: If you are on an Android phone or tablet, searching for FAUG or FAU-G or FAU G is not going to be much help. The easiest way is to use the direct link to the FAU-G game and jumping directly to Step 5. If you are on a computer, go to Step 8. 

FAU-G game - how to find

Step 3: Else,  you can also search for Studio nCore, which is the developer name for nCore Games on Google Play. 

Step 4: After searching, you will see Tappi, which is another game from nCore. Scroll down in the Tappi listing to find FAU-G in “More by Studio nCore” or just tap on the developer name to get to the FAU-G game. 

Step 5: Once you are in the FAU-G game listing, just tap on Pre-register, and Google will ask you if you want to Install it automatically once it becomes available. If you want that, you can select that option. 

FAUG FAU-G game - how to register

Step 6: If you don’t choose the auto-install option, Google will notify you once the game is available on your Android phone or tablet. 

Step 7: You can also unregister at any time you want to tapping on Unregister button in the listing.

Step 8: If you are using your computer to pre-register for FAU-G, use the FAU-G game link to get directly to listing on Google Play.

Step 9: Once you are in the listing, click on Pre-register button and click Ok when Google asks for a confirmation. If you are not logged in, Google will ask you to login before registering.  

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