How to buy Ripple (XRP) with a credit card

Ripple (XRP) has emerged as the fastest growing cryptocurrency of the recent times. In fact, Ripple was the best-performing cryptocurrency of 2017. It has moved past Ethereum to take the second spot behind Bitcoin among the biggest cryptocurrencies based of their total market capitalization.

Given all the buzz surrounding the currency, many consumers like you are looking to invest some of their holdings in Ripple. So, here is a quick way to buy Ripple using a credit card.

Although there are a few websites that offer a way to directly purchase Ripple with a credit or debit card, their exchange rates are poor. So, usually the best way to buy Ripple is to buy Bitcoin first and then exchange it for Ripple.

I don’t want to confuse you with multiple websites and dozens of exchanges, so I will provide one credible and secure way to buy Ripple that is available to the consumers globally.

Although this guide seems huge, there are just three steps and I have described them in detail to make them as clear and simple as possible.

First step: Setting up an account on Binance and getting BTC deposit address

Before we go ahead and buy Bitcoin, we should create a Binance account. Binance is a very popular and credible cryptocurrency exchange and we will be using it to buy Ripple. You can later use it to purchase other cryptocurrencies as well.

We are creating the Binance account first in order to get our Binance account’s Bitcoin deposit address. Rather than buying Bitcoin and getting it in a separate wallet and then transferring it to Binance, we will deposit our purchased Bitcoins directly to Binance. This way, we will save on the transaction charges that we will have to incur if we get Bitcoins first in our own wallet and then transfer them to Binance.

Binance account creation is very simple and if you are not planning to do big transactions, you don’t even need to verify your account with a government ID. With unverified accounts, you can withdraw upto 2 Bitcoins (BTC) per day, which is a decent limit for most people.

The key sections are highlighted in red

After you have created your Binance account, head over to Deposits & Withdrawals section in Funds menu.

On the Deposits & Withdrawals page, search for Bitcoin and click on Deposit option next to it. This will show you a BTC deposit address, copy it to notepad/ word or just keep the Binance window open, we will need this address when we are buying Bitcoins.  We are done with Binance for now.

Step 2: Buying Bitcoin from Changelly

Now, we will head over to Changelly to get some Bitcoins. This is the step where you will be using your credit card.

Open and sign up for an account. Like Binance, the sign up process is easy here as well and you can even use your existing Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts to signup.

Once you have created the account. Head over to the Changelly homepage.

ChangellyOn the Changelly homepage, it offers a very easy interface to buy cryptocurrencies. While their USD to Bitcoin exchange rates are competitive, the same is not true for other cryptocurrencies. So, we will only purchase Bitcoins from them.

Select USD or EUR (your choice) on the left and type in the amount you want to spend. The minimum is $100 or 100 EUR.

After you have entered the amount, the right box will refresh with the approx number of Bitcoins that you will be getting. The final amount will depend on when your actual transaction goes through.

On the next step, it will ask you to verify the details and after that you will have to enter your Bitcoin address. Here, you have to put the address that we had copied earlier from Binance – the BTC deposit address.

Add your credit card details and since this is your first time using your credit card with Changelly, they will want to verify it and may ask for an ID. Provide that and your Bitcoins will reach your Binance account in one or two hours. There will be some transaction charges as well that you will have to pay. These transaction charges are levied by every single exchange.

Step 3: Buying Ripple from Binance

This is the step where we will get our Ripple (XRP). If you had closed Binance, open it again and login to your account and head over to the History section in the Funds menu.

Normally, within one hour of your credit card payment at Changelly, you will see your Bitcoins in the history section. Once you have the Bitcoins, you are ready to buy Ripple.

Now, go to Basic in the Exchange menu and search for XRP or just click on this link.

The key sections are highlighted in red

In the middle of the screen, below the graphs, you will see the trade options – limit, market and stop limit. If you have ever traded in the stock market, you know what this is.

We will be using the Market option, this will buy us Ripple on the existing market price. Enter the amount you want to buy, it will also show the maximum that you can buy. Since we want to buy the maximum we can. We will put the maximum amount shown.

Click on Buy XRP and you are done. The transaction will go through immediately and you can head over to the Deposits & Withdrawal section, search XRP and see your Ripple coins.

You can use the withdrawal option here to transfer the Ripples to your own wallet.

Unless you want to use these Ripples to trade again, it is a good idea to transfer them to your own wallet. Toast is a good wallet to store Ripple. You can get it from this link. Set it up, get an Ripple address and then go to Binance and withdraw the Ripple.

This is it. If you have purchased Ripple successfully, share this guide with others.

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  1. This article is useless to the entire country of the United States. Changelly won’t allow credit card payments from the US. I know this for a fact because I made an account on Changelly and it specifically rejected my purchase when I was told to click next to get the passcode to finalize the purchase. Thanks a lot. No it was NOT just my card being rejected. Please be fully informative when writing an article on something like this so as not to waste the time of an entire audience from a certain country.


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