Sony to launch India-only affordable smartphones: Report

Sony logoJapanese manufacturer Sony has finally realised that its global smartphone strategy won’t work in the Indian market and it needs to bring products that actually cater to what most consumers in the country are looking for. Thus, it is planning to introduce India-only entry-level smartphones in the coming months.

“Indian business is completely different from global operations because it is one of the few countries growing at a rapid pace, even faster than China. Hence, it would require a separate strategy. For instance, in smartphones, Sony may not globally have models in the Rs 8,000-10,000 range, but we have to launch such models in India to survive in this tough market where there are almost 100 smartphone brands,” Sony India MD Kenichiro Hibi told ET Tech recently.

Hibi did not share any details about the upcoming smartphones, but we hope to hear from the company in the coming months.

Entry-level price-segment has become quite active in the recent quarters and the manufacturers have understood the importance of budget phones. Earlier, only Indian smartphone vendors used to bring decent smartphones in the price-segment, but for the last few quarters, we are seen a number of new entrants like Xiaomi, Asus, Lenovo and Motorola. Looks like Sony will be joining them soon.


  1. Truth be told, their smartphone strategy ain’t succeeding anywhere. Also, now, they’re probably going to bring 4″ WVGA single core phones with 512MB RAM and 4GB storage with no sensors for 8999. Good luck to them. They’ll need plenty of it.


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