Asus launches new smartphone accessories in India

ASUS ZenPowerAlongside the new Zenfone 2 smartphone, Asus recently launched four new accessories for the Indian consumers. Although the company has revealed the prices of these accessories, the availability details remain unclear.

Asus has unveiled the new ZenPower, Lolliflash, ZenEar, Zenflash and View Flip Cover Deluxe accessories. While the View Flip Cover Deluxe is compatible only with the Zenfone 2 smartphones, rest of the accessories should work with most Android phones, given they have the needed hardware support like USB-OTG for ZenFlash.

The company hasn’t revealed many specifics about the each accessory, but here is quick look at what know about the accessories.

Asus ZenPower: It is a power bank with 10050 mAh capacity and weighs 215 grams. ZenPower looks quite similar to the Xiaomi power banks and sports a single USB 2.0 port for charging devices and a MicroUSB 2.0 port of charging the power bank itself. It has been priced INR 1,499 and will be released in multiple colour options.

Asus ZenEar: This in-ear headphone has been made in collaboration with 1More, a Chinese mobile accessory maker. It carries a price-tag of INR 599.

Asus Zenflash: It is a Xenon-flash dongle, which can be attached with smartphone to offer more light while capturing images in low-light situations. Zenflash is 400 times brighter than a normal LED flash. It requires OTG support to work with the smartphones and will retail at INR 1,499.Asus Zenflash

Asus Lolliflash: It is small lollipop-shaped dual-color LED flash accessory for the smartphones and connects using the 3.5mm audio jack. It includes its own battery and there is no communication between smartphone and the flash. The consumers have to just keep the flash on at the time of taking an image. It will be available at INR 799.

Asus View Flip Cover Deluxe: Lastly, it is a flip cover for the Zenfone 2 smartphones, which includes a window on the front. This window can be used to access information like date, time, key notifications, caller-ID etc without the need of the opening the cover. It will retail at INR 1,599.


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