Google Nexus 5 is not dead, to remain on sale for now

Google Nexus 5On December 11, a Tech Radar report about the Nexus 5’s demise left most Nexus-lovers around-the world baffled. According to the publication, a Google spokesperson confirmed to it that Nexus 5 production has been stopped and it will only remain on sale until the inventory lasts.

Thanks to its gigantic display and not-so-affordable pricing, the new Nexus 6 is not made for everyone and Nexus 5, with its high-end specifications, the recent Lollipop update and decent pricing, still remains beloved to the consumers.

Now, The Verge is reporting that it has confirmed from Google that the reports of Nexus 5’s death are greatly exaggerated and the smartphone will remain on sale for the near future.

“Nexus 5 will continue to be available for sale on Google Play and through select retailers in Q1 2015,” stated Google.

So, if you were planning to buy the smartphone in the next couple of months, you are in luck, however you might not get all the colour options.

We took a look at the Nexus 5 stock situation in India and the phone is available at every major e-retailer in the country right now and only Google Play seems to be out of stock. Given the fact that Google Play is still selling the Nexus 5 at its launch price in India, stock or not, it is not the best place to buy the phone with others selling it for reduced pricing.

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