Google brings guest mode to Chromecast

Chromecast Guest ModeOn Thursday, we reported that the new update to Chromecast app is bringing material design changes and bug fixes. But, it turns out, there is one more change in the latest update and it is a useful one.

According to Google, with the latest version of Chromecast app, it is introducing “Guest Mode” in Chromecast. Once switched-on, the guest mode will allow your friends to cast content on your Chromecast without connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

“You’re having friends over and before you know it, a battle has ensued in your living room over who can show the funniest YouTube video. Now, it’s even easier for your friends to cast to your TV without first having to connect to your WiFi. With the new guest mode feature, anyone with an Android device can cast to your TV as long as they’re in the same room,” explained Jagjit Chawla, Product Manager Chromecast at Google, in a blog post.

Setting up guest mode is quite easy and all you have to do is to open the Chromecast app on your Android phone or tablet and select “Devices” from the navigation drawer. Choose your Chromecast device, tap the “Guest mode” setting and then turn the slider to “on.” Just make sure your Chromecast app is updated to the latest version. Here is the official guide on the guest mode.

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