Google Chromecast coming to India this week

Google ChromecastLooks like India is finally getting the Google Chromecast streaming device. Although there has not been any official announcement till now, tech blog Intellect Digest reports that Google has partnered with e-retailer to sell the device in the country and it will be launched on December 10.

While we were not able to independently verify the launch date claims of Intellect Digest, we have found multiple indications suggesting that Google Chromecast is indeed ready for an Indian debut.Google Chromecast at Zauba

As per import data tracking website, Google has imported over 28,500 units of the Chromecast dongle in the first week of December. Also, we have spotted a product listing for Chromecast on, which currently shows the device as “sold out.” The listing clearly mentions that Chromecast sold via will come with 1-year Google India warranty, clearing that it not an imported unit being sold by some third-party seller.

In addition, the listing reveals that Google will be partnering with Airtel and Eros Now in the country, to provide offers with the Chromecast. While Airtel users will get 20GB of free data every month for three months, the Chromecast buyers in the country will get Eros Now premium subscription for two months.Google Chromecast at SnapdealThe pricing of the device still remains a mystery and while the Snapdeal listing notes INR 3,200 to be price-tag, we believe it is just a place-holder and the official price-tag will be below INR 3,000.

To remind you, Chromecast is media-streaming device, which was originally unveiled last year at Google I/O, and is sold at $35 in the US. It is connected via the HDMI port on HDTVs and allows the consumers to streaming online media directly on the television.


    • Nope, thats not true, 512KBPS of broadband speed is fair enough. its an amazing device. i bought it from US and it works amazingly. Apps would be available in India, so it will be more useful.. It is launched @ 2999Rs in India.


      • Amongst the alternative cost effective experiences, I find Teewe (, an HDMI streaming device doing kick-ass. I’ve been using this product for past 1 month and the experience is pretty seamless. The device is available online and moreover its being made by some guys in Bangalore itself.


      • Yeah even i am using it and YouTube works flawless without buffering on 512kbps (speed after my fair usage on airtel) and rightly said its amazing 🙂


    • I’m using Chromecast for couple of month in Chennai and this is the one of the best gadget so for I used.

      Basically you need very good internet connection with WIFI (I have 12 mbps connection @ Rs.900 per month)

      1. You can use screen mirroring (Display your mobile/tablet into TV! awesome to show your photos into your HD TV)

      2.You can watch online movie (I’m using youtube and dailymotion, which allows me to cast video directly even from browser)

      3.You can share your local media files, which is there in your mobile with the help of apps

      4.Chromecast is working in Android, iOS and Windows

      5.You can cast your desktop chrome browser and Now android firefox is also support this

      6.I can say this is must have gadgets.


  1. Local merchants on Ebay are selling it cheaper than the launch price. Moreover, considering netflix hulu wont be working in India,all it can be used is to stream media from youtube and files from your laptop through mirroring. Installing multiple apps for multiple channels also becomes tedious and irritating. Infact an Indian alternative of Chromecast, Teewe, solves all the provlems which chromecast is addressing in just a single app, with a price just below 2k. I’ve been using it for than a month now and the performance of device us pretty good. It has a number of free content as well as allows you to stream your local files without hassle.


  2. ScreenCast via Chromecast for all Android 4.4.2+ devices is available now. Now this 3K stick is worth a try. You can forget your 5inch phone, switch to 32inch TV/Phone.


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