Yahoo Aviate Infographic reveals Android usage patterns

Aviate infographicYahoo Aviate team has released an infographic, which details that the usage patterns of the Android owners. The graphic has been developed using the anonymous data collected from the Yahoo Aviate Launcher users across the world. With total downloads of Aviate Launcher somewhere in between 1 million and 5 million, it has a pretty decent sample size.

Some of the highlights of the infographic:

  • Around 95 Android apps are installed on Android devices on average
  • Android users interact with their apps around 100 times a day
  • Most apps are used between 10 am and 10 pm with an average of 6 apps per hour
  • Media and video app usage rises post 10 PM
  • Transportation apps are mostly used around 6PM, which is the closing time at most offices

Find more such tidbits in the full infographic below (click to enlarge): Yahoo Aviate Infographic

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