Mi 3 second batch gets sold-out in 5 seconds on Flipkart

Xiaomi Mi 3Thanks to some weird sales methodology used by Flipkart during the second round of the Mi 3 sales, the Xiaomi phone was sold out in a matter of just five seconds.

While the e-retailer is yet to officially state how the phone was sold out so fast, some user reports suggest that Flipkart automatically added the phone to the shopping cart of the registered (for the sale) Flipkart consumers, who had the Mi 3 product page open at 2PM, thus immediately empting the majority of the available stock.

Flipkart and Xiaomi have stated the next Mi 3 sale will be happening on August 5 and the interested consumers can register for the sale at Flipkart beginning 6PM today.

To remind you, amid the site errors, the first batch of Mi 3 was sold out in around 38 minutes last week.

There is still no word on the availability of Mi 3 accessories, which were expected to go on sale after a week of Mi 3 launch but the accessories are still being shown as coming soon at e-retailer.


  1. how can a person buy a product in 5 second?
    Flipkart and MI3 making cheap publicity…..

    If such thing happens, MI3 balloon will burst..


  2. I logged in an 3 hours earlier and continuously on the page of countdown.
    When I pressed “BUY NOW” it has shown you are not logged in then after some time its out of stock.

    FK sent a mail yesterday if people login 2-3 hours earlier then can reserve the phone and buy later. But there is no option to reserve.

    The problem is with Xiaomi. They are selling only limited quantities(heard its 10,000) and at this rate it will take them 2 years to sell a million phones while Moto was able to sell 1 million in 3 months.


  3. Please, can anyone confirm that MI 3 comes with OR without the earphones. Had ordered it for a relative and found the earphones missing from the box.


  4. A small geek logic.

    This time they (flipkart) had implemented an algorithm on Mi Order page where one needs to click on Buy Now to “Reserve” the phone.

    Those who succeeded till the Counter value reached the threshold limit were showed a screen where they were asked to wait for 15 minutes till Product gets added to Cart.

    After 15 minutes, (if one hadn’t refreshed the screen) proceed to pay option appears, which means Your order is confirmed.

    In this way, #GoneIn5Seconds? is achieved.


  5. Flipkart is just creating hype for their product for publicity there is no way all the phone sold out in 5 seconds. Also Mi3 available on flipkart is nothing but a degraded version of the real one. Also one important thing is that if they are not able to fulfill the demand by customers who want to buy new phone then how can they are gonna provide service in their service centers which are not more than 20 I think. Conclusion is that Mi3 is nothing but a chinese crap which is going to be dumped in indian market.


    • if u don’t anything about mi3, don’t simply bark here. i own one and its not the degraded version. just tell me one thing how the hell this is a downgraded version?
      and about service center, they have 36. first get the facts right then bark. height stupidity.


    • Mi3 is a Best of the Best at this price point ( if you have doubt, its your problem) but I doubt those sales gimmick, how can Flipkart sold whole units in 5 sec? their server crash on every opening day (e.g Moto G,E,and MI3), even after that too, so if they telling sold whole unit within 5 sec, they are LYING…


  6. Those who registered for this round of Mi3 sale received an email that they just need to go to the Mi3 product page in Flipkart, click the Buy Now button and pay later. By evening, the users will receive an email to proceed with payment. What added to the confusion was further emails which said that users can pay immediately. I know 2 guys who got the phone. One wasn’t a registered user, he just logged in through the Flipkart mobile app and got through. The other was a registered one and clicked the Buy Now button in time. But Flipkart failed to notify the latter. He thought he didn’t get the phone. It was only later in the evening when an email was received that he found that phone was added to the cart.
    I think Flipkart managed this quite badly. Its just gone from bad to worse. To have such a limited stock is ridiculous in the first place. Don’t think people will wait weeks and months to get their hands on this phone.


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