Samsung’s prototype 4K tablet spotted in the wild

Display resolution wars don’t seem to be getting over anytime soon. With smartphones already jumping to the Quad-HD ship, the tablets too will be riding the 4K aka Ultra-HD boat soon. According to a report in Tech Radar, we could see the first 4K tablets by the end of this year.

The site notes that Qualcomm’s SVP of Product Management, Raj Talluri stated at a Paris event that 4K tablets would be with us before the year is out. He, however, did not give any specifics but we can expect the 4K tablets from the usual suspects like Samsung, which already has a prototype 4K tablet ready.

This tablet was being used as a part a LTE Broadcast demonstration during the French Open and was spotted by the eagle-eyed folks at Tech Radar. Carrying a 12-inch display, this tablet included Ultra-HD display resolution with Snapdragon 801 powering it.

Being a prototype, we will probably never see it in the market but as Talluri stated we could see similar tablets later this year. You can check out a few more images of the tablet in action below.

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