HTC One successor coming in March, to feature twin-sensor rear camera: Report

HTC LogoDetails are still scarce about HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone, however a Bloomberg report has revealed some new information and confirmed previously rumoured details.

According to Bloomberg, HTC plans to introduce the One successor in March and will include a larger screen than the previous generation as well as a twin-sensor rear camera. The mention of twin-sensor camera is not new, a recent Forbes report also claimed that HTC One successor will include two different sensors for low and high-lighting.

Bloomberg adds that twin sensors will use company’s improved Ultrapixel technology and provide better focus, depth of field and image quality.

HTC’s next flagship smartphone has a lot riding on it. Despite producing a great smartphone in the form of HTC One, the company is still struggling as the sales remain poor. Unless, HTC One successor puts up great sales figure, the company is going to have a hard time sticking around.

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