Motorola adds new wood finishes in Moto Maker, drops the price

Moto X with EbonyMotorola has announced that it is adding new finishes for wood backs in Moto Maker for Moto X customisation in the United States. In addition, the company has also dropped the wood back price to $25 from the earlier $100.

The new wood finishes – Walnut, Teak and Ebony – will be available beginning January 21, while the existing Bamboo back is already available for the reduced pricing.

“Featuring natural finishes and distinct grains, these wood backs are undeniably unique and provide a whole new level of sophisticated customization for your smartphone,” Motorola stated in a blog post.

According to folks at Droid Life, who had a talk with Motorola, the new wood back are normal wood and have been treated for the colour and design of the indicated finish.

In related news, Motorola has also started mailing $75 coupons to the Moto X Bamboo back buyers as the company has reduced the wood back price to $25 from $100 and don’t want the existing buyers to feel cheated.

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