Qualcomm releases Adreno 2xx Android ICS Graphics Driver for ARMv6

After falling to developer requests and releasing ICS Graphic drivers for Adreno 2xx GPUs for ARMv7 based chipsets, company has now stepped up and made available the same for even ARMv6 devices.

There drivers are now available for download at Qualcomm website and should be of much help in to those porting ICS to mid-range/budget smartphones.

From Qualcomm:

This release contains the user-mode driver binaries for Qualcomm’s Adreno 2xx GPU on Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich for ARMv6 based chipsets. It has been tested with the CAF release M8960AAAAANLYA1030. Supports any Adreno 2xx GPU on Android ICS using the ARMv6 chipset (7×27). Google’s libRS (LLVM) does not currently support ARMv6.

Thanks Frankie M

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