HTC One X, One V Android smartphones launched in India

HTC has announced the launch of One X and One V smartphones in India. Announced at a press event in Singapore earlier today, these smartphones will go on sale starting April 2 in the country. Company has priced One X and One V at INR 35,000 and INR 17,000 respectivly.

First revealed at MWC last month, HTC One X comes with 4.7 inch HD display, NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor and 8MP rear camera. On the other hand, HTC One V comes with 1GHz processor, 3.7 inch display and 5MP camera.

HTC is betting big on its One series of smartphones and has included some interesting features like ImageSense and free cloud space from Dropbox etc to make the deal sweeter for consumers.

There is no word on the launch of One S in the country right now.


  1. Other sites are reporting the prices as 36,000/- and 18,000/-.

    How come is able to bring down the prices by 1K…

    Kaurav, man..what’s happening?

    Lot of slumbers and not so good reporting since you have taken a back seat in writing. Buck up man!


    • This is MRP.

      Should be available for 1K-2K lesser than the MRP. Still One X would be pricey.

      Wait for Xepria S and S3 to launch and then prices should come down.


  2. Considering the price of the two phones , I think One S will cost around 27-28k… Will be a good price.. Just guessing… Sure buy for me..


  3. I can sense a delay in the launching of One S.
    There has been some issues with the manufacturing of the processor used in it. It uses Snapdragon S4. Although it is dual core, it’s far more efficient and powerful than the quad core Tegra 3.


    • The S4 is not “far more” efficient and powerful than the Tegra 3. Don’t speak about something you don’t know!

      The S4 Krait is based on the 28nm process which makes it the next generation of mobile chip technology (on par with A15 chips coming soon). So, it is very efficient and much more powerful than current dual-core chips that are based on A9. In comparison to the Tegra 3, it matches up in most tasks but still lags behind in graphics. It has an advantage in single threaded operations due to its newer architecture. But, to say that its far more efficient & powerful than the quad core Tegra 3 is just completely false!


  4. One X at 35k is super value phone. I was thinking its gonna cost 45k.
    Quad core and dedicated camera chip. Awsome!


  5. Thank god it is k i,m expecting it around 40k. i will wait for month for price drop. coz one x is worth buying as it is have more memory.


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