Indian Government launches Aakash tablet for students

Union Ministry for Human Resource Development today officially unveiled Aakash Android tablet, which is also known as $35 tablet. This tablet has been developed and manufactured by Datawind in association with IIT Rajasthan and NME-ICT. Aakash is a totally different tablet from which was shown last year and turned out to be a Chinese device.

After several hiccups, Indian Government went back to the drawing board and has come out with a totally new device, which indeed is an indigenous product. Several features like GPRS, Camera have been dumped to bring it in the $35 price tag.

Government is buying 100,000 units on a pilot basis from the manufacturer Datawind for a price of INR2250 ($45), which will be given to post-secondary students at a lower price. Government is planning to price it at INR 1750($35).

Commercial Launch:

As we have already reported, Datawind will also be releasing the tablet commercially for retail consumers with added benefits like cellular connectivity and will be sold for INR2,999. The retails sales will start in November as Datawind Ubislate.


Aakash will come with 366MHz processor, 7 inch resistive display, 256MB RAM, 2GB internal memory, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and WiFi. Retail version Ubislate will have added GPRS.

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