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$35 tablet Aakash FAQs

We have been getting a lot of queries regarding the availability of recently announced Aakash tablet from Indian Government, so I decided to do quick FAQs post, which will help you get the answer of most of your questions.

Q1:  I am a student, how can I buy Aakash tablet?

A: According to the government press release, Aakash will be distributed to students through the institutions at which they are studying. So, the best way to find out about the exact availability of Aakash is to contact the student cell or Dean, Students’ Welfare. The device distribution has already started and 500 tablets were given to students at the press conference.

Q2: What is the price of this tablet for students?

A: Government will be subsiding the student version of Aakash tablet and sell it for around INR 1730 ($35) and students will have to pay that. However, the exact price of this tablet is $49.98 (INR 2276), which was paid by the Government to procure these tablets and does not include the subsidy.

Q3: Will there be a commercial version of Aakash that can be purchased by normal consumers?

A: Yes, the manufacturer Datawind has announced that it will start selling the commercial version of Aakash (named as Ubislate 7) in November. The price for commercial will be INR 2,999. This retail version will be available via normal stores, and online stores, but the exact availability details are still not out.

Q4: Is there any different between student version Aakash and Commercial version Ubislate 7?

A: Yes, the commercial version will have GPRS connectivity, which is absent from student version. Ubislate 7 buyers will be able to make calls using their tablets, which will not be an option in Aakash.

Q5: I am a student, where will I get the content for my tablet?

A: After buying the tablet, you will be able to access thousands of items of content available on the Sakshat portal and other educational web-sites. Government has also asked National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NME-ICT) to develop more content for the tablet.

Q6: What are the main features of this tablet?

A: The student version will come with Android 2.2, 7 inch resistive display, 256MB RAM, 2 GB Internal storage, 366MHz processor, 2 USB 2.0 ports and WiFi connectivity along with an up-to 32GB microSD card slot. It will also support document formats like DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, ODP, and come with PDF viewer, and Text editor installed. There will be no Android Market support but you will be able download apps from appstores like Getjar, SlideMe and more.

The commercial version will have all of the above features along with GPRS and SIM card slot as mentioned above.

That is all for now, if you have any more questions, drop them in comments.

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0 thoughts on “$35 tablet Aakash FAQs

  1. we run a private educational institute with 200+ students in various batches can we make available only 50 pcs to our students so as for personal & educational motivation in there studies pls respond we will pay as per the requirement posted by u

  2. if i buy commercial version, i mean Ubislate 7 tablets for rs/- 3000, can i use BSN SIM CARD ? or BSNL EVIDO……………… ??

    when will it be launch ?? eager to launch the commercial version…to buy from stores ! can u say the excat date..when it wil be in store ??

  3. what are the features of commercial version? Is there camera, bluetooth,and other features which r in other tablets?

  4. Whether the commercial version have android market facility? and can be order for the tablet online in this month i.e. October or need to wait till November?

    1. @anand it is said to be launching within 60 days from yesterday.. so keep your fingers crossed…
      @raj There is no Android market in either of the version, as mentioned above, you should wait for the actual release..

  5. Can i get 3g if i plugged in 3g dongles ?what kind of 2g speed ? edge..which class 32 or class 12 ?i wish the retail version has 600mhz ..and how about GPU specs ? can i able to watch hd videos ?

  6. 366 MHz processor and Resistive touch make it useless. This will be a dud in the open market. This tablet “from India” will remain a just a symbolic “discovery”. Any company can make it in this price with such a low configuration.

  7. is it possible to update android 2.2 to the latest available version like android Honeycomb on this device?

  8. Govt. is providing 100000 akash tablet for students free is it true .
    If yes, then how can the student can get that free akash tablet.

  9. @sukhla : i want to know whether it can be used … BSNL SIM or AIRCEL SIM ? in commercial TABLETS of rs 3000/-

  10. i am a student of private there any provision in govt scheme to distribute AKASH in private institutions?

  11. Sir can u please tell me about its resistive touch?
    i heard it is most annoying feature in this resistive touch good?
    Will the commercial product be better than this(excluding GPRS feature).

  12. * 336 Mhz processor
    *256 MB RAM
    *Android 2.2 Froyo(mostly it won’t be upgradable to Gingerbread or Ice cream sandwich as the processor power is even low for a Froyo tab)
    *No Bluetooth or 3g
    *No Camera
    *No sensors(atleast for screen rotation)
    *No Android Market

    *#* I don’t think that it’s countable as a tablet… Even chinese tabs are better….

  13. @anver dude than buy a chinese one!
    you are just looking at its negatives..luk at its postives…its far better than chinese!!
    Its not for u watching movies,playing gmaes…its for educational purpose!its best in its this price!!go for it..i have it..its gud!

  14. the phone i purchases 3 years ago had a faster processor than this tablet…resistive touch, 366mhz processor, 256 mb ram ???
    seriously, are you people kidding ?
    cheapest doesn’t make sense when you are not giving enough features plus i don’t think it has motion sensor…so no motion sensor games and camera is also not there…the only thing i liked about this tablet is that it has expandable memory and usb ports…imho rest of the features aren’t very good and android os doesn’t make much sense because you cannot download apps…for someone who seriously want to buy a tablet and money is not an issue..don’t even think about this one and for someone who doesn’t really wanna buy a tablet but is willing to try the “cheapest” indian tab…well go for it..buying a 7″ touch screen device for 1500 isn’t a bad deal…nothing good…nothing bad.

  15. does it have a webcam…and will we have to buy apps from the sakshat portal and over it all do you think its worth it..i mean the display is touch with a stylus…pls do answer me up. im the student represntative at my institute..i will talk up to my dean if its woth it

  16. hey does the student version will have sim card slot and is it for all students or only for IT students?

  17. hey does the student version has sim card slot and the tablet is only for IT student or for any course?

  18. will the commercial version is going to have access to all android apps available in android market ?
    will the commercial version is going to have a camera. if yes then what is its specifications ?

  19. @Karan
    I’ve seen toys with Lcd screens which displays and pronounces alphabets… They’re also educational devices… Will you call them tablets, if the India Govt. releases a press note saying that, its the cheapest tab in the world made by India… I appreciate the Govt’s interest towards education… But I feel pity for its quality… Its ridiculous that govt. is behind designing a very very low quality tablet, while its not even able to supply text books for school students at time

  20. Who would pay for the subsidy? The public money or donations from Politicians. Who will pay for defective pieces? what about service , repair and spares? Who will pay for Internet connection and downloading charges ? What about Data safety and misuse of device? Can anyone sell it and get another subsidised piece?

  21. can students buy ubislate7 at discount rate….? can we use usb dongle(data card)…? can we install .exe files?

  22. Hello, your faq session gives brief idea abt akash as a product. Thanks!
    I want to knw what makes akash so cheap??? Whereas, LCD itself would cost thousand rupees??¿???

  23. what about service , repair and spares? Who will pay for Internet connection and downloading charges ?
    i want to buy the commercial version while m pursing C.S can i ?
    .exe file can be install in it or not?
    m in kolkata how can i get it?

  24. i am not student how to purchase aakash tablet pc ? and how many time u take after we purchase and what is the present time prise of this pc

  25. i am not student how to purchase aakash tablet pc ? and how many time u take after we purchase and what is the present time prise of this pc

  26. Hi,
    I’m a student of C.A. I want to give some advice that, everything is best with this affordable price but according to me battery power is not so good. It should be 4000 mAh because it is specially made for teachers and student and normally a student have to spend apprx. 5 hour in college. Thats why it should made in such a way that it give 5-6 hour usage time. The second big problem is, there is no bluetooth which is mandatory for this generation so that teachers & student can share their books or edu software. Even, after adding of this two things if price slightly rise then the latter will be much better than the former. So plz think about my advice. Thank you

  27. i am a student of class 11….will our school distribute this tablet pc to us or is it only for students in higher education ? … the commercial version having 3G support ?……plz help me if the commercial version is value for money product…

  28. hi,

    kindly give us contact number to confrim the order as i hav ordered one but need more and at same need to spk as person in mumbai ,went will i gett it need very soon contact me on mobile will do

  29. Hello sir,
    i am Dhruv Panchal. Hu ma abhyas karu 6u. Hu e 1li march 2012 naroj aakash tablate ub slate 7+ online register karavi hati pm haji sudhi mane tena koi samachar malya nathi. To tame mane janavso ke aa tablat mane kyare malse?
    Si, please ans me. Because i can’t heariying!

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