Honeycomb update release in 3-4 weeks – Google TV Director of Content

Google TV Director of Content Donagh O’Malle has come forward to give us an ETA on the mythical Honeycomb update for Google TV. The update is being awaited for a long-long time, and two weeks ago itself we reported via the official Google TV Twitter channel that update will be released in few weeks.

Same was reiterated by O’Malle at MIPCOM 2011 during Q&A. According to him, version two (read Honeycomb) is about to launch in next 3-4 weeks.

Exact statement:

“What I can tell you about what’s coming up with Google TV, is version two is about to launch probably within the next three or four weeks.”

Google TV team is probably waiting for ICS announcement to pass and announce the version 2.0 update soon after that.  Donagh stated that there are over 250 apps optimized for Google TV currently in the Android Market and he expects the number to jump up to 1000 as soon as the update is made live.

You can listen to him in the video below (update part starts at 57:50)



  1. I would hope with the release of google TV 2.0 and ice cream sandwich being so close together, that this new version gets bumped up to ICS over honeycomb. Especially considering ice cream sandwich is supposed to end fragmentation and be the “one OS to be used everywhere”, I don’t see why they’d release a new line of products with an outdated OS that goes against this newfound idea of unification for Android, especially given google TV’s rough past. I myself have been holding back for version 2 and am excited about it either way, but hoping for some ICS lovin’!


  2. I’ve waited almost a year for an update. I’m tired of this and heard microsoft is employing Google TV-like tv apps or the like. I already have an xbox. Now I feel like a sucker for paying the $299 for when this first came out. It seemed EXTREMELY promising, but there’s been a year of setting up these multiple update rumors. I think I might just sell this before it can get any worse.


  3. Its good that google releases new os, but I have one question. How do I watch Google TV? I mean how can I watch google tv. I have been on their website http://www.google.com/tv/ and did not find any information about this. I have read some articles that you need a box to watch google tv (i.e. http://crvc11.ecrater.com/p/11942340/fv-1-android-tv-internet-box-with ) but I still do not get it. How can I watch google tv? Have been on google’s page and found no useful info or links there. And in that article I read, it says I needed that box but how can I watch google tv on that box? should I connect it to my pc? Any help would be good. Thanks!


  4. Google will drop support for google tv version 1 when version 2 comes out. They have been stalling, promising updates so as not to hurt sales of version 1 while they work on their new box. The owners of version 1 will get screwed.


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