Google Task Mate app: What is it, can you get referral codes?

Google Task Mate is a new experimental Android app that was spotted on Google Play over the weekend. Noticed by a Reddit user as a part of Google’s apps list, the Task Mate is currently being tested privately and is in beta. It is basically an application using which you can earn money by completing tasks. For example, if Dunzo wants photos of shops in an area for their app, they can put the task on Task Mate and list a rate for completing the same.

Google Task Mate: What do we know

There is very little information about Task Mate right now as Google is yet to officially announce it and the company is not saying anything right now. What everyone knows about the app is from its Google Play store listing that has a decently informative about section.

According to the Google Task Mate listing on Play store, this app “provides access to a variety of simple tasks, posted by businesses around the world.” Users are paid for completing the tasks and Google will transfer their earnings to them once they reach a certain level in users’ local currency. 

Google Task Mate
Task Mate is now available on Google Play store

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How to get Google Task Mate referral code?

As mentioned, the app is currently being tested privately, so you will need a referral code to use it. There is no way to virtually queue up for the same. There are dozen of fake videos on YouTube right now that claim to reveal a way to get the codes but that is not possible.  

Google warns you should only download the app if you have a referral code. “Please only download this app if you have a referral code as we are unable to extend further invites at this time,” the company says.

Will Task Mate succeed?

What Google is trying to do with Task Mate is not something new. There are already a number of apps and websites that do stuff like this but most of them are niche. Google is looking to provide all kinds of tasks under the table with this app. There is a big opportunity here for both Google and the interested Task Mate users. 

The success of the app will depend on how many businesses Google is able to attract to use this app to crowdsource their work.

Since the app was spotted by a Redditor, there has been significant interest in it. In fact, Task Mate is trending since yesterday and the app has already gather over 10,000 downloads. But until Google officially started rolling out more invites for the same or makes it public, there is nothing anyone can do.  


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