PNG to JPG: How to convert PNG files to JPG

PNG to JPGAre you looking to convert PNG files to JPG? This guide will suggest a number of online, offline as well as mobile tools to turns your PNGs in to JPG / JPEGs.

How to convert PNG to JPG online?

It is an excellent website that you gives you a quick and easy way to convert PNG files to JPG. Just open the website, click on Upload Files and select as many files you want. The website will quickly convert all your files and you will get the option to download them individually or all together in a compressed ZIP file.

If you want, you can just click on Clear Queue to wipe the slate clean and start converting more PNG files.

According to the website, it deletes all the uploaded files after just one hour.

I Love IMG

I Love IMG is another great online tool to quickly convert PNG files to JPG files. It not only allows you to upload JPG files from your computer, but also from Google Drive and Dropbox. So, if your PNG files are stored on Google Drive or Dropbox, you don’t have to download them to your computer and then convert them, you can just use I Love IMG to directly convert them to JPG and get the new files.

It is simple to use and includes an easy to understand user interface. After you have selected your PNG files, just hit Convert to JPG and I Love IMG will convert and download your files. If you are converting more than one file, the website downloads the converted files in a compressed Zip format.

How to convert PNG to JPG offline?

If you don’t trust online services or don’t have internet on the computer where you want to convert your PNG files to JPG, here are a couple of ways to convert your PNGs to JPGs offline.

Microsoft Paint

Microsoft PaintYes, you can use Microsoft Paint to convert PNG files to JPG. Just open Microsoft Paint on your Windows computer. If you can’t find it, just type Paint in that search box on the taskbar. Once you are in Paint, just open the PNG file that you want to convert to JPG. After you have opened the file, go to file menu and then, go to save as and you will see multiple file type options including JPEG. Select it and put your file name or keep the existing one. Now, hit save. You are done.

Since Paint can convert only one file at a time, it is not a good option to convert a lot of files.


If you have more than a few PNG files and you want to quickly convert them to JPG, XnConvert is a great option. Also, it is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Go to XnCovert website. Select your computer’s operating system and download XnConvert. It is just over 15MB.

Once you have downloaded and installed XnCovert, open it. XnCovert gives you the option to add files to convert to JPG (or any other image file format).

xnconvertFirst select the files or the complete folder that you want to convert. After that head over to the output tab and select JPG in the format dropdown. Now, click on convert and you are done. You can find your convert JPG files in the same folder in which your PNG versions are present.

If you want converted files in a different folder, you can select the output folder before converting the files in the same tab where you had changed the filetype.

How to convert PNG to JPG on mobile

JPEG Converter – PNG/GIF to JPEG

There aren’t many good offline converters available on Android or iOS to convert PNG files to JPG directly on your phone, but HandyCloset’s JPEG Converter is a decent option. It doesn’t give the option to select multiple files at once, but it works great for individual files.

JPEG Converter is available on both Android and iOS. Install it from Play Store or App Store on your phone and open it. It is quite simple to use. Select Load a Photo option and choose the photo your want to convert. Now, tap on Save As JPEG and you are done.

If you need to convert multiple files at once on mobile, use one of the online converters listed earlier this in article.

Why you might want to go from PNG to JPG / JPEG

  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files are bigger in size compared to a JPG/JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) files
  • JPG files are better for online sharing

Why you might want to keep your PNG files

  • PNG files can have transparent elements, if you convert them to JPG, you will lose the transparent parts.
  • For imaging with lots of text, PNGs are better.
  • PNGs don’t lose quality in conversion, but if you convert JPG files multiple time, you will lose quality.
  • PNGs are better long term storage, but for quick sharing, go for JPG.