Top 9 phones to buy today

Google Pixel 2Google Pixel 2/ Pixel 2 XL

Despite triple cameras, notches and fancy selfie features coming in the latest Android phones, Google’s Pixel 2 smartphones remain crème de la crème of the Android world. If you are looking for the best Android phones out there, look no further than the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

iPhone X

After sticking with the same design of almost three-generation of smartphones, Apple finally unveiled a massive revamp in the form of iPhone X. With its weird notch on the top to the navigation gestures, iPhone X is the first of the truly next-generation phones from Apple. It is surely expensive, but if money is no bar for you, iPhone X is the phone to get.

iPhone 8/ 8 Plus

If the iPhone X’s massive departure from previous generation of iPhones is a bit much for you, or maybe the price-tag is a deterrent, then iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the phones for the Apple-lover in you. It may not have the notch or fancy Face ID feature, but you will get the rest of the top-of-the-line Apple hardware and software.

Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9Apart from Apple iPhone, if there is one smartphone line-up that has offered great devices year-after-year, it is Samsung’s Galaxy S-series. The latest Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are no different. If Pixel is too stock or iPhone is too iPhone for you, Samsung Galaxy S9 phones are the devices to go for. They provide an overall great experience, which is comparable to both iPhone and Pixel phones.

OnePlus 6

Do you like high-end specifications and features in your phone, but don’t have the budget for a Pixel or iPhone, there is something for you – OnePlus 6. The latest phone from OnePlus, the 6 continues the tradition of offering high-end specifications in a comparably affordable price-tag.

Huawei View 10

Huawei is not always associated with great phones, but over the years, the company has made a lot of progress in the department, especially by offering great devices with affordable price-tags. The View 10 is one such example. It is a great phone for anyone, who is not looking to spend too much money on a phone but wants great features.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 ProIf all the above options are just too expensive for you, it is time to look at Xiaomi’s very popular Redmi 5 Pro smartphone. Although it commands an impressively low-price, it is in no way short on features and specifications. If this phone falls in your budget, you should totally go for it.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Asus’ Zenfone line-up has been a hit or miss over the years, but that hasn’t deterred the company from trying each year. This year’s Zenfone Max Pro M1 is phone worth checking out. It is taking the Zenfone line-up to its original Zenfone 5 roots of offering a great budget phone. It has an impressive set of features and specifications

Xiaomi Redmi 5A 32GB

For the consumers on a shoe-string budget, there is no better phone than the Redmi 5A. The 32GB version of the phone offers ample RAM and storage for the device to function smoothly. Go for it.

Go to Amazon or Flipkart to buy the above phones.

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