YouTube app expands video download support to 125 countries

YouTube video download supportYouTube has quietly expanded the support to download videos in its mobile apps to 106 new markets. It was available in only 16 markets like India, Egypt and Malaysia until now.

The video download feature allows the users to download select videos for offline viewing. It is especially helpful if you are living at a location with poor connectivity or limited data options. Which is one of the reasons why most of the newly supported markets for offline video support are developing or underdeveloped countries. YouTube also offers its lightweight YouTube Go app with offline video support on Android in these countries.

You can check out the full list of countries with support for video downloads on the YouTube app on Google support website.

What you need to know before downloading videos in YouTube

  • The offline videos are only available for 48 hours, unless you reconnect your mobile device to internet before the expiry of the 48 hours period. If you are regularly connected to the internet, your offline videos will be available as long as you like.
  • In some countries, Google does allow the non-music content to be saved offline for 29 days without the requirement of reconnecting to the internet.
  • You can’t download videos if the free space on your mobile devices is less than 5%.
  • Not all videos are available for download.
  • YouTube requires you to be signed in the app to download videos. Also, if you have multiple account sign-ins in the YouTube app, the downloaded videos will only be available to the account that downloaded them.

How to download videos in YouTube?

  • To download a video in YouTube, head over to the video watch page and you will notice a download button below the video. Just tap this button and your video will be downloaded. You can also select the download option in the video’s context menu.
  • All offline videos can be accessed from the library in the YouTube app.
  • You can go to Settings > Downloads to change the quality of the video downloads as well as to select whether mobile data can be used to download videos.


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