Twitter rolls out bookmark feature for tweets

Twitter BookmarksTwitter is finally rolling out its private bookmark feature to make it easier to save tweets for later. The feature is currently available on the mobile web version of Twitter and mobile apps. There is no word on when it will be released for or Tweetdeck.

The company says that Bookmarks roll-out is accompanied by the release of its new share icon on mobile. When users tap on the new share icon they will be given the option to bookmark the tweet, share it via a direct message or share it via your phone’s share function.

The bookmarked tweets can be accessed by going to “Bookmarks” in the profile photo menu. The bookmarks are completely private with no one else apart from you knowing that you have bookmarked a particular tweet, including the account that tweeted it.

Why it matters?

This is a very useful change for many Twitter users, especially if you are following lots of users. You don’t always have the time to explore an article or video or any other content included in tweet and you want to check it out later. Before today, there was no way on Twitter apart from the very public ‘Favorite’ option to save a tweet for later.

Bookmarks is just one of the many changes that Twitter has made over the last one year to make the service more accessible as well as t fulfill some of the community’s most requested features.

The social media company late last year launched the 280-character tweets for all users, as well as made it easier to create threaded tweets. Twitter is also seen testing live video for breaking news events. It has also made several tweaks to the options on embedded tweets to make them easier to understand for non-Twitter users.

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