Pixel users sue Google over microphone defects

Google Pixel
The original Google Pixel

The Pixel smartphones continue to be in the news for all the wrong reasons. A Fast Company report has revealed that Google is being sued for the original Pixel phones.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the search giant in the United States alleging that the company knowingly sold defective Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones to the consumers.

As per the lawsuit, the plaintiffs are claiming that the microphones in their Pixel and Pixel 2 smartphones were faulty out of the box. They add that Google knew about the problem, and still sold the defective smartphones. Additionally, the complainants allege that some of warranty replacement phones continued to be plagued by the microphone problems.

The microphone issues with the original Pixel phones had started popping up on Google support forums and Reddit soon after the official launch. They were widely reported after a March, 2017 Android Police report about the same. Google acknowledged the problems and asked users to contact the support team, which then recommended warranty replacements. A Google employee Brian Rakowski had blamed a manufacturing flaw for the mic troubles.

“The most common problem is a hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec. This will affect all three mics and may result in other issues with audio processing,” said Rakowski.

Google’s Pixel line-up is no stranger to device defects. After a number of issues with the original Pixel phones everyone was hoping that the Pixel 2 would be free of such amateur mistakes, but that didn’t happen. The display problems in the Pixel 2 phones dominated the news for a number of weeks.

Fast Company has noted that the law firm behind the original Pixel phone class action is also thinking of bringing a lawsuit over the Pixel 2 phones as well.

Google is yet to comment over the class action.

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