Google Assistant Go for Android (Go edition) arrives in Play Store

Google Assistant GoGoogle has quietly released another Android (Go edition) app in Google Play. The latest to join the list is Google Assistant Go, a lightweight version of Google’s popular digital assistant. Unlike some other Go-edition apps, Assistant Go isn’t available on non-Android (Go edition) phones.

As per the official Google Play listing, Assistant Go can do most of the basic stuff that is available on main Google Assistant, but many key features are absent. The Assistant Go doesn’t support reminders, controls for smart home devices, Actions on Google, and Device Actions.

What can Google Assistant Go do?

You can use Assistant Go to get answers to your queries, weather information and calendar event details. You can also ask it to make quick phone calls. Additionally, this lightweight assistant will also be able to send text messages, play music, and offer directions.

All of which is pretty basic, but given the presence of low-end hardware in the Android (Go edition) phones, not much can be expected. However, I do expect Google to add stuff like reminders support in the coming versions.

Also, Google Assistant Go will only work with English initially. Considering the first Android (Go edition) phones are expected to be released in India, Google may add Hindi support soon. The main version of Google Assistant currently offers very basic Hindi support on Android smartphones. The Allo version and the version included in Reliance JioPhone do offer full support for Hindi.

Google already offers the Go-variants of the YouTube, Google Search, and Maps apps. Files Go is another Go-edition app, but it doesn’t have a non-Go counterpart. The Go-edition version of the official Gmail is expected to be launched in the coming weeks.

To remind you, Android (Go edition) is an optimised version of Android for low-end devices. It comes with various enhancements and memory tweaks to provide good performance on low-RAM and low-storage smartphones.

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