Samsung Cloud will no longer support third-party app backups

Samsung CloudSamsung has announced it is going to stop supporting backups of third-party apps on its cloud storage service ‘Samsung Cloud’. According to the company, this policy change will go into effect on February 6, when it will also immediately delete any existing third-party app backups.

The company revealed this Samsung Cloud policy change in an email to the users of its cloud service couple of weeks ago. The app backups for Samsung’s own apps will continue to be available.

To remind you, Samsung Cloud is a web-based storage service offered by Samsung to its smartphone consumers. It gives the consumers 15GB of cloud storage to save their photos, videos, notes and other phone data. You can go to Settings > Cloud and accounts > Samsung Cloud to choose what you want to backup. You can read more about Samsung Cloud on the company website.

If you are using Samsung Cloud to store third-party app backups, it is time to move to another service.

Sony shuts down my Xperia service

In related news, Sony shut down its my Xperia service on January 17. It was a device location tracking service, launched by Sony in 2013. It was similar to Google’s Find My Device, which allows you to locate your missing Android device as well as remotely wipe or lock it.

Sony says it will now redirect users to Find My Device. There is no word on why my Xperia was shut down and a Sony support exec also had no idea.

“I’m afraid that I don’t have any information to as why this service was been discontinued, however as of  January 17, 2018, the my Xperia web service has been discontinued and you will now be redirected to the Find My Device web service instead,” Jonas from Sony Xperia Support wrote on Xperia support forum.

Sources: Sony Xperia Support Forum | Samsung Community

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