Google Play getting audiobooks soon

Audiobooks on Google Play

Update (Jan 23): Google has officially launched Audiobooks in the Play Store.

Earlier (Jan 20): Google currently offers apps, games, movies, TV shows, music, e-books, and magazines via the Google Play Store. Now, it seems that audiobooks are all set to join the list.

According to report in 9to5Google, Google on Friday ran a promotional banner announcing the arrival of the audiobooks in the Play Store. However the banner link was not working (still isn’t working) indicating that it was an accident and the banner was prematurely made live by someone in the Google Play team.

The banner may have been a mistake, but it confirms the previous rumours about upcoming launch of audiobooks in the Play Store. We don’t have any specifics right now, but a recent tear-down of the Google Play Books by The Android Soul suggests that the Play Books app is also gearing up to bring the audiobooks integration. The tear-down also revealed that Play Books will let users cast the audiobooks on Chromecast.

There is no word on when exactly the audiobooks will go live in the Google Play Store, however the premature promotion banner suggests that they are coming sooner than later. The pricing details as well as geographical availability of audiobooks are also a mystery at this point. But, we do know that whenever the audiobooks arrive, it seems (as mentioned in banner above) Google is planning to run a promotion to offer 50 percent discount on your first audiobook purchase.

To remind you, Google Play was introduced in March, 2012 after Google merged its predecessor Android Market with Google eBookstore and Google Music. Android March debuted in October, 2008.

According to AppBrain, Play Store currently houses over 3.6 million application and it is on its way to reach one trillion app downloads to date.

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