‘Next OnePlus smartphone will arrive in late-Q2, 2018’

OnePlus logoOnePlus CEO Pete Lau has revealed that the company will launch the next OnePlus smartphone late in the second quarter of this year, around the same time the OnePlus 5 was unveiled in 2017.

Although this is not a big surprise, given we had already heard about the expected June release date in a previous leak.

Lau also confirmed the presence of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core processor in the next OnePlus phone, which will most likely be known as OnePlus 6.

Additionally, OnePlus will start talking to the telecom carriers in the United States to sell its smartphone. Although the company offers its phone through its own website, the carriers account for roughly 85 to 90 percent of the total phone sales in the country. A possible carrier tie-up will expose the OnePlus to a whole new set of consumers in the US.

Another Chinese smartphone maker Huawei was recently unsuccessful in achieving the same after AT&T reneged on a deal after alleged political pressure due to Huawei’s rumoured links with the Chinese government. The company is now forced to sell Mate 10 Pro through Amazon and its own website.

Lau also said that he wasn’t sure whether the company planned to release a second OnePlus phone later in the year, like it has done in the past two years. He also stated that OnePlus isn’t going to run after the AI integration in its phones as the other manufacturers are doing. He termed AI as just a ‘buzzword’ for smartphones.

In related news, OnePlus recently launched the Lava Red version of its OnePlus 5T smartphone in India, making it the second country after China to get this variant. The Red version will go on sale beginning January 20 in the country.

Source: CNET

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