Lenovo Mirage Solo VR headset with Daydream revealed by FCC

Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream

Update (Jan 10): Lenovo has officially unveiled the Mirage Solo.

Earlier (Dec 26): We first heard about Lenovo’s standalone virtual reality (VR) headset at the Google I/O developer conference earlier this year, when Google had unveiled its standalone VR platform. At that time, the companies hadn’t shared any specifics about the headset. Now, thanks to a FCC filing, we have the first details about the Lenovo VR headset.

As per the FCC certification, it is called Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream. As the name suggests, it uses the Google Daydream VR platform. Being a standalone VR headset, it won’t need any phones, PCs or cables to function. The specifics are still rare at this point, but FCC certification did reveal that the Mirage Solo carries the model number VR-1541F and sports a 4.000 mAh battery and support for Wifi 802.11ac as well as Bluetooth v5.0. Additionally, the VR headset will come with Daydream controller, earphone, and USB cable.

Among the platform-specific features, the Lenovo Mirage Solo will feature Worldsense positional tracking, which allows the headset to track objects in real-time. It uses technology from now defunct Project Tango.

The Lenovo VR headset was originally supposed to arrive by the end of this year, which doesn’t seem to be happening now. There is no word on a new release date at this point, but we are likely to see the headset at the CES trade fair next month, where Lenovo may announce the release plans. The Lenovo Mirage Solo price is also a mystery,  but reports indicate that it will sell around $500.

Apart from Lenovo, Google is also working with HTC on a standalone VR headset, but we are yet to see any details about the device.

A rendering of Lenovo Mirage Solo

A teaser video from Lenovo


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