Amazon Prime Video app arrives in Play Store for Android TV devices

Prime Video Android TV appIt seems the talks between Google and Amazon as a part of their ongoing feud are heading in a positive direction as Amazon on Thursday released its Prime Video app in the Play Store for Android TV devices. After years of dissing the Android TV despite its side dealings with Android TV makers to offer the Prime Video app directly to Sony Android TV and NVIDIA Shield owners, the e-retail giant is finally ready to allow all Android TV users enjoy the Prime Video.

As per the Play Store listing, the Prime Video app will be available globally and should ideally work on all Android TV devices. If you own an Android TV, which doesn’t come preinstalled with a Prime Video app, now is the time to head over to the Play Store and look for the app. Here is a direct link to the listing.

To remind you, the Prime Video app launch comes just hours after Mozilla had released the Firefox browser for the Amazon Fire TV users, so that they can easily access YouTube. The video-streaming website has been blocked on Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV devices by Google because of the current feud. There have also been rumours of a YouTube-competitor being launched by Amazon because the company recently filed for two trademarks – AmazonTube and OpenTube in the US. While it is unlikely that Amazon will actually launch a service like YouTube, the trademarks filings might be just enough for Google to get the message.

One of Google’s complaints with Amazon has been the lack of Google Cast support on the Prime Video app and hopefully if things workout between the companies, we will soon be able access Prime Video on Chromecast.


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