Xiaomi rises as worldwide smartphone shipments reach 373.1mn in Q3

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2The third-quarter smartphone shipment estimates are in. IDC and Strategy Analytics published their initial reports over the last couple of days and there are no major surprises. Samsung is still number one in terms of the total shipments, followed by Apple. Thanks to India and other developing markets, Xiaomi continues growing at an exponential rate. Although the Chinese smartphone maker is still at number five among the top smartphone makers, it grew the most. Read on for the specifics.

According to IDC, the smartphone makers shipped a total of 373.1 million smartphones, up from 363.4 million same time last year. Strategy Analytics is offering a similar but slightly bigger number – a total 393 million unit shipments, up from 374.9 million last year. There is still growth in the sector, however not as massive as the initial years of the smartphone revolution. The developing markets like India are fuelling the current phase of growth.

Coming to the individual smartphone makers, Samsung shipped 83.3 million units in Q3, revealed IDC, whereas Apple shipped 46.7 million units, followed by Huawei with 39.1 million, Oppo with 31.4 million and Xiaomi with 27.7 million units. Strategy Analytics’ Linda Sui is predicting that if Xiaomi is able to continue the current momentum, the company could catch or overtake OPPO, Huawei and Apple to become the world’s second largest smartphone vendor in 2018.IDC Q3, 2017 smartphone shipments Strategy Analytics Q3, 2017 smartphone shipments

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