Briefs: Firefox’s new Rocket browser & deeper Duo integration

October 9: In our second Android brief of the day, we have news about Firefox’s new Rocket browser and deeper integration of Duo video calling in Phone, Contacts and Messages apps.

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Mozilla launches new Firefox Rocket browser in Indonesia

Firefox RocketMozilla has introduced a new web browser called Firefox Rocket in Indonesia. It is currently in beta testing and maybe released in other markets in the coming months.

The new browser is meant for devices with low storage and crappy mobile data plans.

“Firefox Rocket is a light but feature-packed browser that lets you save data and phone storage, capture and share content, and browse quickly even on slow connections,” explained Mozilla.

Rocket come with a Turbo mode, which can block advertisements, trackers and more to speed up your browsing. You can additionally block images for further boost with Firefox Rocket. The browser also comes with a built-in screenshot feature to capture webpages.

It is just 2.33MB in size and can work with all Android devices running Lollipop or above. Search in Play Store to download Firefox Rocket in Indonesia.

Deeper Duo integration in Phone, Contacts and Messages apps

Google is going for deeper integration of its video chat app Duo in the company’s Phone, Contacts and Android Messages apps.

According to Android Police, a video call icon is now present in Contacts app version 2.1, which will allow you to directly place a video call to that particular contact.

Android Messages app version 2.6 will also show the video call icon in the app itself. The new app version is yet to start rolling out, but is expected to arrive this week, most likely on Wednesday.

Lastly, the in call screen of the Phone app will show an option to trigger a video call and close the existing voice call. There is no word on when this integration is coming.

If you are a fan of Duo, all three of these integrations are good news for you, else this is just more bloat for your Android phone.

It is important to note here that all three apps mentioned here – Phone, Contacts & Android Messages – are the Google-built versions available in Play Store. If you are using an app from your device manufacturer, it is unlikely that you will see these integrations anytime soon or maybe never.

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