Research: Three in four smartphones will have a fingerprint sensor in 2018

Global Fingerprint sensor penetrationThe smartphone makers are increasingly choosing to go with fingerprint sensors in their devices as the primary mode for authentication. The trend is expected to continue in 2018, with almost three in four smartphones sporting the sensor, revealed CounterPoint in its latest research report.

With more and more personal computing happening on the mobile devices, the security has emerged the biggest area of concern. Although PINs and passwords provide ample amount of security to the smartphones, they are cumbersome to use and often deter users from implementing them in daily usage. Fingerprint sensors help solve the issue by providing a quick and effective mode of authentication. With the increasing advancement in the technology, it is easier and cheaper than ever for the companies to adopt them in the mainstream devices.

CounterPoint Research claims that more than a billion fingerprint sensor-enabled smartphones will be shipped next year. Since almost all high-end smartphones are already packing the fingerprint recognition tech, it is the entry and mid-range segment, where we will see more and more phones sporting the fingerprint sensors.Fingerprint sensor-enabled smartphone market share

Chinese smartphone makers have already adopted the bio-metric authentication as differentiator in their devices, it is the companies like Samsung and LG, which are lagging. Given the sheer number of smartphones it ships, Samsung is still the market leader in shipping the most number of number of fingerprint sensor-enabled devices. But, it has relatively lower rate of fingerprint sensor integration across the total shipments.

It will be up to the likes of Samsung and LG to make fingerprint sensors ubiquitous in the smartphone market in the coming year.

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