All existing Nokia smartphones will get Android P update as well

Nokia 8While the Nokia customers are waiting for the Oreo updates to arrive for their smartphone, HMD Global has revealed that the existing smartphones will be upgraded to Android P as well. The news was shared by Shannon Mead, Country Manager Philippines, HMD Global, at the local Nokia 8 launch event.

Although Google offers the new Android release updates to Nexus and Pixel phones for two years, the company’s Android partners haven’t always followed its lead. So, it is good to see HMD Global committing to providing the second major Android update for its smartphones.

Considering Android P is still months away from being official, there is nothing known about the version. The Nokia Android smartphone users will most likely see the Android P updates in Q4 of 2018.

Coming to the Oreo update, as we reported recently, the first Nokia Oreo updates are expected to roll-out beginning late-October. Nokia 8 will be the first phone to get the update, followed by the other Nokia Android phones. The company is promising to provide the Oreo update to all Nokia phones before the end of 2017.

You can check out Shannon Mead’s statement in the following video. Go to 41:00-minute mark for details about Android P update.

Via: PA


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