Rumoured Google Home ‘Max’ to include stereo speakers

Google HomeGoogle is reportedly working on a new premium Google Home device, which will be larger and include stereo speakers.

Not a lot of details are available right now, but it is being speculated that the device, which is internally called ‘Google Home Max’ might be showcased at the search giant’s October 4 hardware event. Google is already expected to announce a mini version of the Home at that event.

According to 9to5Google, the Google Home Max will be made out of premium materials and is likely to house dual mid-range drivers and a single tweeter (not an audiophile? Read this wiki article for more on audio jargon).

With the existing Google Home model not being exactly known for its sound prowess, it is good to hear that Google is developing a version, which might actually sound great.

More Pixel 2 XL rumours

In more Google hardware rumours, XDA Developers is reporting that Pixel 2 XL smartphone will include stereo speakers, always-on music recognition and a portrait mode in camera app. Additionally, the phone is also expected to include a new Pixel launcher with search bar at the bottom, and side-squeeze to launch Google Assistant.

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