Qualcomm: Android always beats ‘iPhone’ to new features

Qualcomm Snapdragon processorAs Apple gears up to introduce the new iPhones later today, Qualcomm has published a blog post reminding users how the company and its Android partners have achieved several industry firsts over the last many years.

The timing of the post is very interesting given Qualcomm and Apple are currently a part of a massive legal fight dealing with patent licensing fees and antitrust laws. The chipmaker clearly wanted to take a dig at Apple before the company’s big day. Qualcomm doesn’t explicitly mention Apple in the post, but at this point, apart from iOS, there is simply no other competition for Android.

I doubt Apple is going to have any reaction to Qualcomm’s post though, given the fact that company itself claims that it doesn’t strive to be the first, but aims for the best implementation of new features.

Qualcomm has shared twenty features like dual camera, augmented reality, OLED display, and quick charging, which came to Android devices first.

“Qualcomm Technologies has enabled some notable world firsts on Android, and some remain Android exclusives to this day. Although by no means comprehensive, here are a number of technologies and respective mobile devices where they appeared that paved the way for others to come,” wrote Qualcomm.

Here are the features that Qualcomm is talking about

Android first featuresWhat do you guys think about this Apple – Android rivalry? Would you like to see new features as soon they are available or you would rather wait while the companies figure out how the new features can before a value addition to the consumers?

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