Xiaomi September 5 launch: What to expect (Update)

Update: Mi A1 launch confirmed:

Thanks to the source code of new Mi phone teaser running on Flipkart, it has now been confirmed that it is indeed the Android One smartphone – Mi A1, which will be introduced tomorrow. Mi A1 is rumoured to pack an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 4GB of RAM. (via)flipkart source code


Earlier: As you might have heard by now, Xiaomi is hosting a launch event tomorrow i.e. September 5 in New Delhi.

The company has released many teasers for the event, but the actual device being introduced is still a mystery. Let’s take a look at the few key hints given by Xiaomi about the new device.

  • Part of a new series
  • Sports dual-camera
  • Global launch

Xiaomi Global Launch 2017So, the company is saying that it will unveil a smartphone, which is part of a new-series, with dual rear cameras for the international markets. But this doesn’t really tell us anything apart from a feature, which is quite common these days..

Initial rumours about the announcement circulated around the global launch of the Mi 5X, which has already been released in China. But after the reveal about the new series, it is expected that Xiaomi will showcase the alleged Android One phone.

Which Android One phone?

A recent report had indicated that Xiaomi is working with Google on a new Android One phone, which will be based on Mi 5X. If true, this will be the first Android One smartphone from Xiaomi and as Android One phones typically include stock Android, it would be better for the company to create a new series for this phone. A different series would mean less confusion for the customers, who have come to see MIUI on every Xiaomi phone.

All these speculations do indicate Xiaomi Android One phone reveal tomorrow, but that’s all it is right now – speculations. Xiaomi is yet to officially hint at Android One or anything remotely related to it, so there is still a lot of chance that we are going to be completely surprised.

Anyway, whatever is unveiled at the Xiaomi Global Launch 2017, we will have all the news for you right here.

PS: Flipkart has stated that the new Xiaomi phone will be exclusive to its website.


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