is back!

We are backIt has been almost 800 days since I wrote the ‘Adieu post’ that some of you may remember. It was a difficult but necessary decision for me. I was moving from full-time blogging to a full-time job and it would have been near impossible to maintain the blog with the same quality and content that you guys had come to expect from me. Thus, the unfortunate decision to shut down the blog.

Well, I am back now. After a break of over two years, I am reviving the blog and you can expect the same great coverage of everything Google and Android from

With Google all set to officially release the next version of Android – 8.0 ‘O’ (most likely to be dubbed as Android Oreo) later today, it is a great day to start the next chapter in journey.

Image via @evleaks

Feel free to comment down below with any suggestions about the blog- anything new that you want to see here – and I will try and accommodate them.



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