News Briefs: Cadillac to integrate Android Auto, Android 5.1-based OxygenOS delayed & more

Cadillac CUECadillac to add Android Auto support in 2016 car models

Luxury auto-maker Cadillac has announced that it will be integrating Android Auto support in its 2016 models. Although the 2016 Cadillac models will start arriving this summer, the Android Auto integration will take some time to arrive.

“Android Auto is expected to be phased into 2016 production at a later date,” stated the company in a press release.

According to Cadillac, the Android Auto integration will be a part of the CUE, Cadillac’s user experience.

“Cadillac CUE provides owners a smart and simple way to access both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. A “Projection” icon will appear on the CUE screen, to enable simpler, easier access to key smartphone functions, including navigation, contacts, hands-free text messaging and select applications supported by Apple or Google,” explained the company.

Android 5.1-based OxygenOS update arriving after OnePlus 2 launch

If you were waiting for Android 5.1-based OxygenOS update, we have some bad news. OnePlus has revealed that the update will be released after the launch of OnePlus 2 smartphone. The company is currently focussed entirely on the OnePlus 2, which solely runs on OxygenOS.OnePlus Oxygen OS

The Android 5.1-based Cyanogen OS update is on track and should be arriving soon. [Source]

Google Play Books & Facebook Messenger Android apps cross one billion installs

As per the data given on Google Play listings, Facebook’s Messenger and Google’s Play Books apps have recently crossed the 1 billion installs milestone. With this, there are now a total of ten applications in Google Play, which have been installed more than a billion times.

As Google Play Books app comes pre-installed on majority of Android devices, the one billion installs isn’t a big deal for the app, but most of Messenger installs are organic.

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