Google adds location-awareness to voice search on Android

Google voice searchJust days after the roll-out of the context-aware search in Chrome for Android, Google has announced the support for location-awareness in voice search for Android. The search giant demoed the new feature at an event in Paris on Tuesday and the feature sees to be live globally right now.

What exactly does location-awareness add to voice-search?

With the support for location-awareness, Google’s voice-search will be able to answer questions like “when does this store open” or “what is the phone number of this store.” Google voice-search will look for your location, search for nearby businesses and pick-up the nearest one and offer the information. In case there are multiple stores in the vicinity and Google doesn’t have your exact location, it will list the nearby stores and ask you to select one.

The location-awareness also works when you are visiting a monument or other tourist location and want to get information about the place. So, you can just say Ok Google and ask stuff like “when was this built” or “how tall is this.”

The search queries for location-aware voice-search are not just limited to the above examples, you can try other stuff as well and Google will try and give you answers in most cases. [via]


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