App Briefs: Quick search comes to Chrome & Nokia Z Launcher gets widget support

Chrome context-aware one-tap search Google brings context-aware one-tap search to Chrome for Android

Context-aware Now on Tap might still be a couple of months away, but Google has added a new feature to Chrome, which offers context-aware search results to the Android users. This isn’t all, Chrome’s context-aware search works with just one-tap, meaning next time you want to search something on an open webpage, all you have to do is tap on your search keyword and Google will perform the search for you.

The feature has been in testing for some time on Chrome beta, but It rolled-out to stable Chrome for Android users over the weekend. Apart from English, Google hasn’t specified which languages are supported right now, but the search giant has promised to bring the support for Asian languages in the coming weeks. [Source]

Nokia Z Launcher gets widget support

Nokia’s lightweight Android home-screen replacement Z Launcher has finally received widget support. Unlike traditional launchers, which allow you to add as many widgets you want, Z Launcher will only offer one page for widgets, add as many you can in that page.Z Launcher widgets

“From the data we have seen so far, we think one page will satisfy most people in terms of widgets used regularly. Having too many widgets for every conceivable need would require the user to flip through multiple pages and lose the quick convenience of widgets in the first place,” Z Launcher team explained in a blog post.

To help you get the most of this widget page, the full page will be available to you, there will be pinned apps or app tray. In addition, you can resize the widgets as per your choice and are not limited to the standard size defined by the widget.

Grab the updated version from Play Store. The widget support is coming to both the smartphone version and the Nokia N1 tablet version of the launcher. [Source]

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