Google Maps for Android to get offline search & navigation support

Google Maps OfflineAs we all know that data connectivity on-the-go is a big problem and while Google Maps still manages to provide seamless experience with minor data interruptions, it is of little use in areas with no data coverage. To help you with this, Google has announced that it is expanding the offline maps support to include voice-enabled turn-by-turn directions and search support, all without the need for data.

The enhanced offline support will arrive on Google Maps for Android later this year.

So, the next time you head over to a location with spotty data coverage or no connectivity, you can just save the map of the area in Google Maps and you will have everything you need for a great navigation and local experience.

What’s new in Google Maps for Android offline?

  • Search for places: Auto-complete suggestions, reviews and opening hours
  • Turn-by-turn voice directions

Image Credit: Techcrunch

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