Chrome for Android now answers your queries before you finish asking them

Search suggestions with results in Chrome for AndroidGoogle has quietly added a new feature to the Android version of Chrome browser. You can now use the Chrome Omnibar to get answers to your factual queries even without completely typing them.

Spotted by Android Police, the new feature is rolling out slowly to the Chrome users around the world. It is not available in Google Search app on Android devices at this point, but it will probably arrive in that too soon.

How to use the feature

  • Open Chrome on your Android device
  • Type questions like “who is India’s prime minister” or “weather in Delhi” and before you are done typing, Google will show you the answer along with your compete question in the search suggestions.

It is not available for everything and is also not fool-proof. Like when I typed “Weather in” it showed me the weather of Shimla for some reason, rather than New Delhi, where I live. When I further typed the query, the result got changed to New Delhi. Weather resultTo remind you, it was introduced as an experimental feature last year in the desktop version of Chrome.

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