Google introduces new Literata font for Play Books app

LiterataGoogle on Monday rolled-out a new version of Play Books application in Google Play and it includes a major change on how the e-books appear on your Android devices. The company has introduced a new default font for the application.

Dubbed as Literata, the new font has been designed by a TypeTogether team lead by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, who worked with Google’s Addy Lee Beavers and his team. The new font is an attempt from Google to establish a recognisable visual identity for the Play Books app and stylistically distinguish itself from other e-reader competitors, revealed the TypeTogether team in a blog post.

Literata takes inspiration from both Scotch and old-style Roman types and features two weights and matching italics including more than 1100 characters per font with PanEuropean language support; full Latin Extended, Polytonic Greek and Cyrillic.

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