Cyanogen & Truecaller working to bring smart caller-ID to Cyanogen OS phones

Truecaller integration in Cyanogen OS

Update: Cyanogen Inc has now confirmed the partnership with Truecaller. The company stated in a blog post that the Truecaller integration will come bundled in the future Cyanogen OS phones and the existing smartphones like OnePlus One and Yu Yureka will get it in an OTA update in the coming months.

Earlier: Cyanogen is reportedly working with popular caller-ID service Truecaller to bring smart caller-ID to Cyanogen OS smartphones. Rather than releasing a separate dialler app with look-up for unknown caller like Facebook’s Hello, Cyanogen will integrate Truecaller’s caller-ID feature as an opt-in service in the core OS.

The consumers, who will use opt-in the service, will see the names of the callers, who are not present in their contacts. The service will not just be a glorified caller-ID, but will also help the users in keeping spam calls at bay.

According to a report in The Verge, Cyanogen OS will also show whether the caller is a spammer, based on its crowd-sourced database.

“You still see the phone number, but then you see that 635 people have marked it as a spam call, and instantly you can answer it or see whether to reject it. That’s something that’s going to bode well for emerging markets, where spam calling is very high,” Dave Herman, VP of Product at Cyanogen, told The Verge.Truecaller integration in Cyanogen OSThe Truecaller integration will reach existing and new Cyanogen OS users as a part of a software update in the next few months.

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