Google to allow developers to test multiple Play Store listing versions: Report

Google Play logoGoogle is reportedly planning to allow the app developers test different versions of their Google Play listings to gauge what works best with the consumers. According to The Information, this feature is likely to be announced at the upcoming Google I/O developer conference.

The A/B testing feature will let the developer choose different app icons, app descriptions and even different prices for different users.

“..developers would thus be able see how many more people download an app if it costs $1.99 versus $2.99; or if more people will download an app when its icon is blue-colored rather than red or when the video that offers a preview of the app is animated or live-action, for instance,” wrote Amir Efrati of The Information.

With ever increasing number of the apps on Google Play, it is increasingly becoming hard for the developers to stand out and any feature that helps them with this will certainly be welcomed.

The specifics of the feature are unclear at this point, but it is quite likely that Google will open A/B testing with select developers and if everything goes well, it will later be expanded to all.

To remind you, Google I/O 2015 is scheduled for May 28-29.

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