Oppo gives a sneak peak at Android 5.0-based ColorOS 2.1, coming soon

Oppo ColorOS 2.1Lollipop roll-outs are happening all around us and pretty much every Android vendor is already in the process of releasing the new Android version for their devices, but Oppo was surprisingly silent on the matter until now.

The company recently revealed that its engineers are hard at work developing the new ColorOS 2.1, which is based on Lollipop, and it will be coming soon.

According to Oppo, the new version will take a few weeks to arrive, but it has shared couple of screenshots to give us a look at the updated firmware.

Some of the design-related highlights of the new version:

  • Flat icons: ColorOS 2.1 changes the default icon design
  • Updated UI: Redesigned user-interface for the quick settings, settings and other internal elements of the OS
  • New Wallpapers: There are 12 new wallpapers

There is still no word on which Oppo devices will be getting the ColorOS 2.1, but we hope to hear more from the company in the coming few weeks.

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